Meier-Muzyka Residence (Model)

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Project Details

Residential project located on a rural site with dense woods and cliff overlooking the Kentucky River. The clients began with an idea about locating their new house on the cliff edge for the dramatic views to the river below. They responded to concerns about endangered native plants along their cliff and moved their ideas off the cliff back into the one area of the woods that had previously been intruded upon by human activity.

The house was oriented for climate considerations, for views into the woods, and for minimizing human footprint on this beautiful wooded Kentucky land. The north wall is stone with smaller window openings and a protected entry foyer – to provide insulation from the north windows that rise up from the cliff edge and come through the woods. The south wall is glass with large operable and fixed windows and clerestories – to provide views into the woods, natural ventilation during summer months, and passive solar during winter months.

The building mimics the slope of the land while not stepping as steeply. The foundation is embedded on solid stone along the upper level and the cantilevered floor is supported on pier columns along the lower levels. Thus, the master bedroom and library are suspended among the trunks of the tall hardwood trees.

Construction Completed